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21 January 2012 @ 02:13 am
does anyone have any of aralias's podfics downloaded?  
I'm pretty concerned that the following aralias podfics:

Wonderwall (30.27)
A List of the Lost (19.34)
When We Were Six (10.23)
Insensible (5.09)
Complications in the Plot (2.16)
Society Offenders (8.25)
Waterloo (8.57)

Come to Utopia (17.29)
Sartorial Differences (12.10)
San Francisco Dues (7.36)
Herding Cats: audio (4.18)
Time Lords Made Us Do It: audio (5.40)


may be lost, as they were only featured on megaupload and fileshare, and the later expired, and the former, well. I'm pretty sure she didn't have storage space for backups. Apparently I have Wonderwall, but it looks like ONLY part 1, not the full 30 min file, which I presume includes the sequel, "Masterplan"? Please let me or her know and send them along or something, if you have them?

It just enrages me that there's no redress for anyone at all affected? For people who put up things in good faith, and have now lost them/maybe don't have alternate copies? Because maybe fanfic's in a shady place, but it's not for profit--and I am willing to bet that a TON of podfic got killed, and can't ever be re-accessed, b/c it's by people who didn't have room for the files on their computers, or who have left fandom and can't be reached.
aralias: one hugs grudginglyaralias on January 21st, 2012 10:38 am (UTC)
fear not, loyal fans of me (potentially only my own girlfriend). i do have copies of all these podfics on my computer.

also, a lot have them have been kindly uploaded to the archive, which will probably not go down as it is a private site, rather than public property.