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08 July 2015 @ 12:36 am
Doctor Who Fic Master List  

The ROUGH FICLET designation warns you that this is something I tossed off without a ton of thought for something/someone or other rather than a thought-out piece, and as such it 1) isn't x-posted and 2) isn't going to be of the highest quality.

So the list goes: 
Doctor/Master Fic
Other Who Fic
Not-Who Fic
Others' Fanart for Aforementioned Fics


Doctor/Master Fic (by Doctor, then by Master!pairing):



Fourteen, R
Imaginary Worlds, (with a hint of Five/Ainley!Master) NC-17 (bagheera_san's much better remix here.)
Heart Heard of, Ghost Guessed (with Ten/Simm!Master, Three/Delgado!Master, Theta/Delgado!Master), NC-17
Intoxication (with Six/Ainley!Master), PG13


Heart Heard of, Ghost Guessed (with Ten/Simm!Master, Three/Delgado!Master, Theta/Koschei), NC-17



Prologue: The Master Plays Favorites
Chapter One: The Doctor, as Himself, NC-17 as a series, (part of Spoiled for Choice)



Chapter Two: Mornings After, NC-17 as a series, (part of Spoiled for Choice)


Animal Crackers, PG-13



Drink Your Milkshake, G
Create A Diversion, ROUGH FICLET, NC-17
Cooks in the Kitchen (with Simm!Master and Ten), NC17
The Final Game, SERIES, NC-17
Part I
Part II
Part III
Killing the Groundhog, PG
Civil as an Orange (coda to Killing the Groundhog), PG
Silk Tie, (primarily Ten/Simm!Master, with historic Three/Delgado!Master) NC-17
Heart Heard of, Ghost Guessed (with Ten/Simm!Master, Theta/Delgado!Master, Theta/Koschei), NC-17
Grease, PG
Just Dandy, R (podfic by elviaprose)
Christmas Crackers, PG, Unfinished, with bagheera_san 
Solution, NC-17
The Sweet Cheat Gone, (with Ainley!Master and Five), PG-13


Chapter Three: Scientific Experiment , NC-17 as a series, (part of Spoiled for Choice)
Cooks in the Kitchen, (with Delgado!Master and Ten), NC17



The Moment Has Been Prepared For, NC-17


Chapter Four: Giving Alms to the Birds, NC-17 as a series, (part of Spoiled for Choice)



Frailties, PG-13
What Rassilon Hath Joined Together..., NC-17
Let No Man Put Asunder: Chapter 1, (Unfinished) R
Stray unpolished bit of Let No Man, NC-17
Imaginary Worlds, (with a hint of Five/Ainley!Master) NC-17
The Crane Wife, (novel-length) R-NC17 (track-changes remix and podfic by aralias)
The Sweet Cheat Gone, (with Delgado!Master and Three) PG-13
Supreme Courtship (with Eight)
Humiliation!Kink Meme Ficlet, NC-17


Cat Nip, NC-17 (previously Lion Sleeps Tonight)


Chapter Five: Innings, with Overs (Part I)
Chapter Five: Innings, with Overs (Part II)
Chapter Five: Innings, with Overs (Part III) NC-17 as a series, (part of Spoiled for Choice)
No Longer Hearing DINOSAURS!! (A Lot of (Pre)History Remix) (a photo essay of aralias's No Longer Hearing Voices), PG-13) 



Intoxication (with Theta/Koschei), PG13


Chapter Six: Quarks Do What Quarks Should; or The Love Songs of Monsters, NC-17 as a series, (part of Spoiled for Choice)



Sunshine, PG-13


Failure Rate, PG-13 (podfic with aralias here) (dvd commentary)
Short Time Horizons, PG-13


Chapter Seven: I Saw Shadows, NC-17 as a series, (part of Spoiled for Choice)



Supreme Courtship (with Five)

/Goosnake!Master (*shudder*)

"No, Seriously, The Enemy Within", DRABBLE, R
A Very Original Sin, PG-13


Snow--A Meeting, R
Cafestrovalva, R


Chapter Eight: Pictures of the Floating World (Part I)
Chapter Eight: Pictures of the Floating World (Part II) , CHAPTER UNFINISHED, *WIP*, NC-17 as a series, (part of Spoiled for Choice)




"What are grits, anyway?", DRABBLE, PG-13
Less Subtle, DRABBLE, R
Silk Tie, (historic Three/Delgado!Master) NC-17*
Undone.Unhinged.Unwavering., PG-13**
Share/Spill, NC-17
Quite Contrary, (also Doctor/Mistress), R****
Silver Bells, and Cockle Shells (coda to Quite Contrary), (also Doctor/Mistress), PG*****
Heart Heard of, Ghost Guessed (with Theta/Delgado!Master, Three/Delgado!Master, Theta/Koschei), NC-17******
Cooks in the Kitchen (with Delgado!Master and Ten), NC17


Society for Creative Anachronism, DRABBLE, G
Undone.Unhinged.Unwavering., PG-13**


When I Am King, NC-17

John Smith

/Jacobi!Master (mentioned /Simm!Master, /Ainley!Master, /Delgado!Master)

1913: A Must-Visit for Masters, NC-17



Mechanical Aptitude, NC-17

Doctor/Mistress (Girl!Crack)

Quite Contrary, R****
Silver Bells, and Cockle Shells (coda to Quite Contrary), PG*****
Golden Retriever, DRABBLE, G

Other Who Fic

Five Times Lord Braxiatel Had Occasion to Regret The Doctor’s Exile Very Deeply Indeed (And One Time He Wished The Doctor Would Just Sod Off Forever), (Braxiatel, Susan, Delgado!Master, Four, Five, Tegan, Turlough, Ainley!master, Six, Peri, Evelyn, Romana II, Leela, Narvin, Eight, Benny), PG
Doctor Who and the Terrible Heron (Three, Jo), G
My Little Who Fandom (Ponies!crack, oh god what did I do), G
Five Failed Schemes for Universal Domination (drabbles), (Koschei, Brax, Delgado!Master, Six, Ainley!Master, Eight, Cheetah!Master, Jacobi!Master) PG
Top five fictional characters (from other canons, or from his own) the Master should team up with, (four drabbles) G
One Sentence Fics (meme), PG?
Six Companions Whose First Novels I’d Read (and what they’d write)

Not-Who Fic

Juris-ImprudenceLegally Blonde (Callahan/Elle Woods), R
And Miles To Go Before We Sleep, Wall-E, PG

Others' Fanart for Aforementioned Fics

Please please PLEASE tell me if, in a moment of stupid, I've omitted anything!

What Rassilon Hath Joined Together
anadapta0801: (second)

Quite Contrary
gothic_hamlet: (end of fic)

A Very Original Sin
anon: here 

roachpatrol: here

1913: A Must-Visit for Masters
teaji: here

The Final Game
redvelvetaddict (first one, sort of a joke about it)


The Three Doctors (serial 65)
The Mind Robber (serial 45)
The Face of Evil (serial 89)
Horror of Fang Rock (serial 92)
The Creed of the Kromon (audio 53)
Minuet in Hell (audio 19)
Storm Warning (audio 16)
Sword of Orion (audio 17)
Sympathy for the Devil (audio, unbound)
100 (audio 100)
The Condemned (audio 105)
Shada (BFA audio) 
Attack of the Cybermen (serial 138)
Time of Angels
The Edge of Destruction
 (serial 3)
The Daleks (serial 2)
The Unearthly Child/Running Through Corridors, a bit (serial 1)
Day of the Moon/S6/Moffat Who
Big Finish Day Con report

...that is too much fic. Hope I didn't forget anything.
ushas42ushas42 on July 9th, 2008 05:05 pm (UTC)
i just wanted to congratulate you on your slash award nominations!
x_losfic: Poke!Masterx_losfic on July 9th, 2008 05:18 pm (UTC)
Oh hey, thanks! V. nice of you!
Hexivahexiva on May 22nd, 2009 10:31 pm (UTC)
Wait, how was this posted in 2010?
x_losficx_losfic on June 10th, 2009 04:54 am (UTC)
The magic of wiggling the date-counter so it'd always pop up at the v. top of the lj when I opened it, for easy access and editing.
'srɛ·vənzsrevans on March 4th, 2012 04:38 am (UTC)

10littlebullets and I just met robinalaska for one of the first times and we're drinkin' sonic screwdrivers and watching Sea Devils, and definitely talking about how your Three/Delgado is the bomb diggity.

x_losficx_losfic on March 9th, 2012 02:59 pm (UTC)
Thanks! Bless. Now kind of confused about when I wrote awk hatesex, preeeetty sure it was all saaaaap...
Roy Shaw on December 15th, 2013 12:50 am (UTC)
Hey are you still there? Probably a long shot, but I was looking for a Ten/Master (Simm Master) fic where they were looking for four fragments of the white point star? I can't find it anywhere.
x_losficx_losfic on December 15th, 2013 07:58 pm (UTC)
Re: .
Sorry, this is just a personal list and I didn't write that one. Afraid I don't know much about ten/simm, sorry!